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Client Satisfaction Disclosure

Exceeding clients’ expectations before they can has always been my goal, and I achieve it. I have a solid record of accomplishment spanning 35+ years or 50,000+ client hours in serving clients. I personally demand excellence and achieve high quality workmanship in my services for clients, to ensure things turn out predictably well for my customers. I learn, listen, and ask great questions to understand the clients’ needs and wants so they are always pleased! Therefore, as a business service serving my clients, I take incredibly great care of my customers with the same high standards and expectations that I demand when I am a customer. My clients are extremely pleased with my work.

Naturally knowing how to take great care of my client needs, there may still be an item or two the client wants checked out, or extra effort detailed, before or after the detail is complete. Client questions are always welcome, as car details are often new to the client, and they’re learning all, the details! Please communicate and tell me your needs & wants, before the detail begins. Upon the post detail of your vehicle, we do a walk around inspection of your vehicle. If you see an item or two that needs attention, please tell me, I will be happy to take care of it for you, with no additional charge.

Occasionally in serving the public, unsatisfiable customers contacts a business or walks in the door. They are good people; yet sometimes satisfaction is unattainable for them. The business cannot always detect the unsatisfiable-factor in a customer. An honest business just wants to satisfy their new customers and clients every time. Even with great documentation and clear expectations from the business owner to the customer the customer, without merit, may still find the service or product unacceptable.

Regardless of how the business does its due-diligence, always being thorough at exceeding expectations in serving clients, the client may remain unsatisfiable, as they were before they contacted that business. Thus, certain client to business combinations are not meant to be and do not work. Having this knowledge and wisdom, the business representative should encourage the customer to find another business service that better suits their personal consumer disposition and bid them farewell. Thank you and I look forward to bringing my personal high standard of satisfaction to serve all my clients.

Dan & All Points Organized experience in excellent results in services provided for happy clients knows how to capably exceed expectations for fully satisfied clients. Dan will be transparent, communicative, with excellent documentation, patient, professional, friendly, clear with fees and services in advance of work performed. Dan will be thorough and concise and listen to you the client, so no doubts remain for the work or services provided in exchange for payment received. There are NO REFUNDS for services performed by Dan Höering and All Points Organized. Thank you and be well. Dan