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About Dan's Car Detailing Experience

Car Detailing


Ever since I purchased my first 1976 MGB roadster back in the summer of 1984 I quickly knew that having a convertible was

exactly for me, I loved owning and driving a British Car! have to thank my Brother Jeff for the inspiration

that motivated me to get my first MGB!


I drove 2472 miles from Fort Wayne Indiana to Portland Oregon and I discovered how fun it was to drive across the country, I was 21 years old. In 1999, I sold my Indiana MGB that was quite rusty, as a result of salt used on roads to melt snow and ice, and purchased a Northwest MGB, a rust-free 1979 Red Roadster!


I've restored all systems on my 1979 MGB in a rolling-restoration so I could continue enjoying driving my B. The paintwork needed

the most attention, as it which was badly oxidized. Early in the next year, I began researching how to remove oxidation and purchased a Porter Cable Oscillating, random orbital buffing machine.


It took a lot of work and dedication to master the use of the machine, as I was very careful not to damage the paint, yet bring out the shine under the oxidation. Eventually I was able to remove all the oxidation to the paint's nearly new condition and the car shined up very nicely.

I've won 1st place at the All British Field meet 8 times (as of 2016) and continue to keep my MGB in top form, as a hobby I love to stay involved in!


In late May of 2014 - a fitness client asked me if I knew of anyone who details cars? I didn't know of anyone, so I said I could put together a proposal and do the detail myself for my client; a week later Molly hired me to detail her 2011 Toyota Camry; my Detailing business was born!

All my business is by referrals. I do high quality work and I trust the customer when they tell me what they want and need.

Every penny charged is earned and keeps and maintains the value of your vehicle.


Just like getting your brakes renewed at the right mileage interval, having your oil changed, a new set of tires, and various engine work done

to keep your car mechanically in order; paintwork is also a significant part of the value and operating condition of your car.

Paintwork is the most expensive item and part of any vehicle. Keeping the paintwork in good condition plays a big role in the value of a car, no matter the brand or year of a car. Keeping the paintwork in good condition is not a luxury service, it is essential for entry level cars to supercars; paintwork matters. Paintwork on your car gets inundated with a constant variety of outdoor elements; sun, rain, cold, heat, ice, hail and a barrage of road dirt, grit, rocks, glass, concrete chips, tar and the list goes on. Oxidation simply occurs with outdoor exposure. Unless you garage your car 24/7, your paintwork will eventually need a complete detail. The money saved with keeping the paintwork in good order, keeps equity in your car. So you can continue to enjoy driving your car, looking at your car and knowing you're keeping your investment's value where it should be. When it comes time to sell your car, you will get the most money from the sale of your vehicle and feel good about having kept your car in good working order mechanically and aesthetically.