Fees for Services


Personalized grocery shopping saves time and unneeded stress. Skip the heavy traffic, big crowds and cumbersome grocery bags. Relax, your groceries are being skillfully selected and on their way right to your door.



Order your groceries via Text, Email or Call Dan.


Contact Dan Höering at: 503.332.0026

Grocery Shopping & Delivery fees: $49.00 per hour



Choose from a wide variety of grocery stores you like best and Dan will get your groceries there!

If you prefer using seasonal Farmers markets, then Dan the Groceryman will get your groceries there!


Busy families and Single Mom's that can't find time to grocery shop or don't like it!

Persons with disabilities that need additional assistance in getting their groceries.

Singles Persons that are always on the go and don't have time to shop.

Retired Persons that need a reliable source to shop and deliver their groceries.


Baby Nutrition and Food needs that require experience and select brands and quantities.

Persons with an injury who cannot get to the grocery store, My Grocery Service can help.

Your place of Business and the ongoing requirements for your employees or customers.

Get the Pet Foods you want for your cat or dog while Dan is at the store.


Personalized grocery shopping is great for budget conscious shoppers and stops splurge purchases.

Dan is savvy at reading food facts labels and ingredients lists on foods as well.


If it is all organic foods you want, I will get them for you.

If it is non-organic foods you need, I will get those foods for you as well.

What matters to you, matters to me.


Dan will help you fulfill all of your ongoing weekly needs!

He is experienced, qualified and simply loves grocery shopping and

will deliver your groceries in his trustworthy 2017 VW Golf.