Grocery Shopping and about Dan's love of Groceries!


I am a very experienced and enthusiastic grocery shopper! I always enjoyed grocery shopping and cooking and still do daily, as a happy family man with my Wife, 3-year-old Daughter and my 18-year-old stepson. I do all of the grocery shopping and cooking for my family. I have worked extensively with thousands of people from my (30+ year fitness coaching career) and all of the variables and intricacies with food and nutrition, shopping and cooking as well as recipes and food menu planning. I have many years of experience working with persons in the age groups between 65 to 100 years old; I understand their eating needs very well! I care about people no matter their circumstance or disposition and want to help them get the groceries they want and need.


I started personalized grocery shopping because I know there's a need to help people get the groceries in this busy life. I can and will grocery shop for you with enthusiasm, skill and competence! I appreciate your interest and hope I can help you with your grocery needs soon. I will help you get the groceries you need and do it right the first time.


I love helping people and look forward to serving your grocery needs.

Thank you, Dan