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Why am I a Renaissance Man and great at Organizing?


Because, I am innately organized and disciplined. True story.

I've been organizing since I had my first rock collection at age 8. At 10 years old, I had a paper route and my first checking account. I began working out at age 12 and kept detailed records of all my workouts in the gym for over 30 years. As a successful fitness coach for over 40 years, I helped organize and manage people's fitness and nutrition behaviors, empowering them to regain control of their wellness. My Mom was a bookkeeper; her influence of organization was lasting in me, as she was by biggest supporter growing up. My Dad worked for Mutual of Omaha for over 25 years. He was very effective and helpful with his clients. His follow through was something I modeled throughout my fitness career and now in my business, All Points Organized!

I just love order in my life and now I can help others do the same thing!

The removal of clutter and the restoring of order again and then to reorganize, remove unneeded items and objects, clean-out and clean-up of: garages, attics, closets, storage, kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms or yards and all areas of a clients' home or office.


I organize your analog and digital life as well, like your devices: computer, smartphone and tablets.


Then processing the overflow of items, stuff and belongings for friends or family, Goodwill, recycle or discard.


Planning the Journey. Have compass will travel!

I spend time with you to do our discovery discussion to carefully map out a clear plan to help you decide what to keep, give to friends or family, Goodwill, recycle or discard. The entire process of downsizing, organizing and re-compartmentalizing is made easy and efficient, versus not knowing where to start with the amount of things we all tend to accumulate as life goes by! Often times the accumulated stuff and clutter keep staring at you day after day, causing stress, no room for anything else you really want to keep and a house that is hard to navigate. Parting with ones belongings can be tough to do. Entanglement, confusion and the like get in the way of beginning the process of organizing. Having someone who is trustworthy and listens keeps it simple and helps you help yourself with the process of downsizing and organizing. This solves and unties the tangled-knots of stress from all the accumulated stuff and brings real peace of mind.

I will help you truly get organized and feel better.


Listening to the clients thoughts and vision of how they want things organized is most important. I then explain my organizational ideas for the clients' items and together we make it happen! Once an agreement is made - the work begins, bringing positive order to the life of the client in their own living space and home!


I am adept at interpretation, listening and explaining to form concepts, ideas, planning, compartmentalization thinking and then being able to execute these things into a solid result together with you, to help you organized and get things back in order.

It is important to make the distinction between "haulers/cleaners" and an "Organizational Specialist." A hauler/cleaner simply gets rid of things you have no idea you're getting rid of, and a major sense of loss and grief soon follows using haulers/cleaners. An Organizational Specialist creates a straight forward, trusting and helpful relationship with you and the items and memories that are a part of your story of life. Carefully going through the "chapters and things" of your life, keep you in control of how you want to become more organized and regain better order in your life through downsizing, done properly.


You have arrived!

After organization takes place, all of a sudden your life is void of clutter and disarray and life becomes clearer so you can function much better at all levels. You've successfully turned the pages of your story and closed chapters of your story of life that you decide to do! Stress and anxiety levels go way down and you become more at peace in your space. You can actually locate and find stuff you want, rediscover things you thought you lost forever, decisively know you no longer need a bunch of things that are now released to Goodwill, friends, family or recycled and reused. You feel a sense of liberation! You smile and then "get on" with those hobbies, tasks, jobs, friends and family and places you want to go and do. Peace is restored.


Organizing your own stuff is very difficult to even begin, much less accomplish even with good intentions - it never gets all done and causes ongoing stress.


Making a willful decision to hire a competent and caring person to do the job who is professional and respects your time, immediately brings a real feeling of relief and being overjoyed happens to you rather quickly!


garage  and home organizing and downsizing

Do you need your house downsized, organized and tidied up?

Need help packing to move out or move in? Dan will help you.

Is your garage packed with stuff and can't get your car parked in there for protection?

Do you know what is up in your attic?

Could your kitchen use a reorganization day?

Are your closets overflowing?

Is your spare bedroom full of stuff?

Do you have boxes of things that you want to go through?

Do you need someone to help you pack your things to move in or move out?

Dan will help you finally get through these difficult tasks and make your life better!

Recommended Storage systems


Specialized stackable containers for storage

Portable shelving: metal, plastic or wood

Existing onsite storage at clients home

Dan communicates well with you all along the organizational way, so you know what inventory of stuff you own.

Work with Dan, he will help you make the most of your garage space for your car and other items you need to store and organize. Keeping a space for your car in your garage protects the car's paintwork, mechanical parts against the elements, prolongs tire-life and helps avoid vandalism.

Thanks, and I look forward to working with you! Dan

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