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 About Dan. Renaissance Man.


Being of German heritage, 3rd generation - I am innately organized and very efficient! It's literally in my DNA and I see it now, in the way my 6 year old Daughter has a natural order to her in the way she does things, without any prompting. I've been called very organized by many people since I had a paper-route at 10 years old. In my adult life people have called me Renaissance Man for a long time. I've been organizing since I had my first rock collection at age 8. At 10 years old, I had a paper route and my first checking account. I began working out at age 12 and kept detailed records of all my workouts in the gym for over 30 years. As a successful fitness coach for over 40 years, I helped organize and manage people's fitness and nutrition behaviors, empowering them to regain control of their wellness. My Mom was a bookkeeper; her influence of organization was lasting in me, as she was by biggest supporter growing up. My Dad worked for Mutual of Omaha for over 25 years. He was very effective and helpful with his clients. His follow through was something I modeled throughout my fitness career and now in my business, All Points Organized!

I just love order in my life and now I can help others do the same thing!

The removal of clutter and the restoring of order again and then to reorganize, remove unneeded items and objects, clean-out and clean-up of: garages, attics, closets, storage, kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms or yards and all areas of a clients' home or office. Then processing the overflow of items, stuff and belongings foe friends or family, Goodwill, recycle or discard.

I help you organized your life with six distinctive services. 

I. Organizing and Downsizing

Organizing your Spaces, Things and Belongings

Garages, attics, sheds and any room or space in your house or property!

Clean I've always kept a very organized garage and home, and life. My neighbors always complimented me about my garage being so organized with two cars in - a two car garage no less! Driving through my neighborhood, or any neighborhood, I always see a garage full of boxes and so much clutter and disarray; I will never understand how not to stay organized in my garage and my house! People love it when I organized their garage or home; they feel liberated from stress and anxiety!

II. Computer Consulting

Organizing your Computer & Devices

Desktop, all files, folders, apps, error-check/scan & defragment hard drive!

I bought Windows '95, my very first Personal Computer, (PC) in 1995 locally build in Portland Oregon. The computer didn't work right, so took it back for a full refund. I decided to learn from scratch how computers and operating systems worked. I then enrolled in Microsoft Certificate school in Portland and attended for two years - loved it! My fitness clients' all needed computers! I started a small computer consulting business; I would have a computer designed and built for the client. I then would deliver, set up and configure the computer for the client, teaching them basic to advanced computer skills so they could properly use their new computer.

III. Fitness Coaching

Organizing your Body and Health

One on one fitness coaching for stretching, cardio & strength training programs!

Age 12, I began my quest to workout and learn every bit of knowledge I could about fitness and nutrition - to say I love it is an understatement! I was blessed to carry out this dream for now over 40 years now. I couldn't wait to go workout, spend time learning and dedicating myself to a discipline; it helped every aspect of my life. Then after deciding never to take steroids to advance into the upper echelons of professional bodybuilding from being an amateur - I decided to help others in the gym. I would "spot" them during a bench press, hand them dumbbells during a set, and be a training partner for someone. I met and spoke with Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1980 at the Mr. Universe Contest in Columbus Ohio, he was the MC of the show. That same year, I took third in Mr. Teenage Indiana body building contest. The focus, inspiration, determination and drive I drew from in those early years of my life, drove me to never ever stop chasing dreams. Over 50,000 one on one client teaching hours as a fitness coach. Tried and true fitness professional.

Volunteering at the YMCA back in Ft. Wayne back in the late 70's was my way in; I started my people skills at the gym. Fast forward to the late 90's and 2000's I was in full stride after decades of dedication in personal training, then into Fitness Coaching. I lived my dream well, succeeded in every way I could and found a life through the discipline of fitness and helping others do the same thing.  

IV. Car Detailing

Organizing your Car or Truck

Exterior wash, wax & polish. Interior cleaning every nook & cranny.

Owning an MGB Roadster since I was 21, taught me plenty about caring for a car that requires close attention to detail mechanically and aesthetically to maintain the beautiful design and function of a classic car. Keeping my MGB better than new as many have told me has taught me respect for the carmakers, (British Leyland) and being involved in very enjoyable car hobby and passion for classic British cars. My 1979 MGB is a first place show winner, many times over - and my fitness clients noticed. One of my clients in 2014 asked me if I could detail her car, her Toyota Camry. I agreed and my detail business was born! I have thoroughly enjoyed detailing cars; as the paint is the most expensive component on any vehicle.  

V. Personal Chef

Organizing your Cooking

 Personal Chef to prep, prepare cook and serve you meals, delivery too!

I've enjoyed cooking since I was 10 years old, inspired by a Mom and Dad who gave me permission to cook and prepare food when most of my friends then didn't know how to boil water, much less cook! My parents really enjoyed cooking and eating, as do I! Cooking is life, eating is pleasure and these two things go hand in hand. I have always been, "the cook" within any social circle I am in. My Wife loves the fact that I choose to cook, it relaxes me and makes me feel very useful too! More than that though, cooking is something that many people simply don't have time to do or, want to do. They see it as a chore to have to do, not me! That's why as a Personal Chef I prepare food for people, make it quick and easy and then their taste buds stay happy and content! 

VI. Personal Grocery Shopper

Organizing your Groceries

 Personal grocery shopping with your list to any store, delivered to your door!

Along with cooking, grocery shopping is very enjoyable to me, I like seeing all the various foods, aromas, colors and textures in grocery stores. Using my imagination, it's fun to think of "what's going to be for breakfast, lunch or dinner, coming up." What foods can I combine to make something scrumptiously good to eat!? The discovery of food is most of the fun, not just the preparing and eating, hence my passion for grocery shopping. Grocery shopping simply makes sense to me to do; it saves time, money and effort when all the foods I want are at arm’s length in my own kitchen. Many of my fitness clients over the years have needed help with their grocery shopping, so I was expertly familiar with grocery shopping when I started a small business helping others with their grocery needs.

My services are fundamental and not over the top; they're simple, effective and necessary.

My services will improve your life greatly!



If you would like to contact me, please do and give me a call. You will find I'm friendly, courteous and professional. I love helping people, that's precisely why I'm here to help you. I am enthusiastic, organized (naturally) and I follow up with people very well. I will do more than expected for you. I will arrive ready to help you and have plenty of patience to listen and help!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you! Dan

Business. Education. Background.

  • All Points Organized | Renaissance Man | Successful Business Owner | Established 2016

  • Fitness In Training | Fitness Coach | Long Term Fitness Expert & Business Owner | 1976 to 2017

  • Ashland Chamber of Commerce since 2017

  • Indiana Purdue University | Ft. Wayne Indiana | Physical Education & English Comp | PCC Oregon: English

  • Microsoft Trained | Hardware, Software and Operating Systems | Portland Community College

  • Active Oregon Food Handlers | Active Certificate ID for food safety, handling & preparation | Honors Student

  • Active OLCC Permit | To serve Wine, Beer and Spirits for business events and parties

  • Oregon Drivers License | In good standing | No citations | Clean Driving Record | Non-Smoker

  • State Farm Insurance | Preferred Car Insurance Driver | Accident Free Record

  • Background Checked | Spotless Lifetime Record | No Drugs or DUII's - ever!

  • Dan Höering | Renaissance Man | Family Man and British Car Enthusiast!

Dan | Renaissance Man

I am a true Renaissance Man. I have honed my other abilities in numerous skill sets over a long period of time. I do one of these skills at a time for clients, so high quality service is the result. After years of hard work, love and dedication to these other chosen skill sets, I now get to serve more types of clients beyond fitness coaching. My first long term business was my fitness coaching practice from 1976 when to December 2015. I have evolved into my new business with a new and exciting business identity, All Points Organized August 2016! I was inspired by the compass, direction and finding the right way to go! I designed my logo from scratch to match my dreams and aspirations of re-inventing myself in the business world. I accomplished my mission! I have brought together all of my passions in serving people in business and I know I can help you improve and organize your life! My level of proficiency is high, as are my results for my clients. My clients are very pleased with my work. 

The term, Renaissance Man originates from the Renaissance period from the 14 to 17th century. A polymath (Greek: πολυμαθής, polymathēs, "having learned much") is a person whose expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas; such a person is known to draw on complex bodies of knowledge to solve specific problems. Hence a Renaissance Man and that is absolutely me! Click on the link to read more. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polymath

Dan & Family

I really enjoy spending time with my Wife Cecilea and our little girl Audrey Mae! We hike together, I love cooking for my family, taking little adventure-drives in my VW Golf TSI and simply being alive and feeling healthy!

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